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The Big Idea, Irvine

A 'inventor centre' rather than a science centre, The Big Idea opened on April 15th 2000 in a spectacular earth-covered building, at an equally spectacular Scottish west coast location.

Working with Haley Sharpe Associates, I worked out most of the initial concepts and ideas for hands-on features in the main exhibit area. These were then detailed and fabricated by others.

"Mechanisms" focal point (Click for larger image)

Sadly, The Big Idea has not survived. The choice of location was not ours. The following words are from an article I wrote for BIG News, Summer 2000, the newsletter of the British Interactive Group.

"...Nor can The Big Idea be accused of commercialism. Its chosen location is not based on honey-pot economics. It is the site of Alfred Nobel's dynamite factory and now benefits a community over 25 miles from Glasgow. This seems a brave risk and on-going repeat-visits will be crucial.

...Only time, and repeat visits, will tell."

It seems to me that the best thing that could happen now would be for the exhibits, many of which are of very good quality, to find a new home or homes. The contents of the Big Idea building are currently available for sale here