Two nice exhibits nearly finished...

One that inflates and deflates plastic nappy bags to show how our lungs work, and one that gives you a magnified view of your eye with a pushbutton-controlled light to make your iris contract. Slightly larger than our standard Mini-interactives, these have 60cm diameter bases.
I especially love how the 'lungs' model whistles and wheezes asthmatically as it breathes...


Science Communication in the Post-Truth World

This thought-provoking and rather startling article shows how a limited focus on improving people's scientific knowledge and understanding can actually increase their resistance to scientifically validated truth. The author concludes that we must cultivate curiosity as an end in itself, not merely as a useful aid to 'learning'.

My live microscopic creatures at the Ecsite Conference

I have just set myself the challenge of taking living cultures of microscopic creatures to this year's Ecsite Conference in Portugal and setting up a microscope with a video camera and screen, to present some demonstrations from my Blown-up Biology Show. This will be at the so-called 'Grand Bazaar' session.

Astronomy session with New Mills Scouts

With New Mills Scouts last night: I sat for a long time answering astronomy questions from a hushed circle of visibly awestruck young people